A 5-week programme designed to help you rediscover your energy through gut health.

Staying motivated

when making changes to your health feels extremely difficult when you don’t know where to start or how to really do it.


Reclaiming Energy Through Gut Health

Before I learnt how to nourish and care for my body, I was frustrated.

I was constantly tired, I had brain-fog every afternoon, and I struggled to feel engaged and motivated.

This frustration around my lack of energy led me on a journey to figure out what exactly was going on, and what I needed to do in order to feel alive again. 

What I discovered was that all roads led back to food and implementing better habits around the food I was eating.

But here’s the thing, knowing I needed to focus on my habits around food choices and to develop a better understanding of how food impacts my energy, only left me feeling even more frustrated…

….because nothing or no one told me HOW to actually make those changes, and most of all how to make them stick in between living my everyday life.

So, I decided to create what I needed: A step by step process that supports you in making important changes to your daily food choices that improve your overall energy and wellbeing, in a realistic and achievable way.

Introducing you to RESET

A 5-week programme designed to coach you through

Learning the basics of ‘good’ food for everyday health and vitality and how to introduce these concepts into your weekly choices.

Understanding the importance of gut health on your overall wellbeing, with a step-by-step process for re-setting and rebuilding a healthy gut foundation.

Understanding your own unique body, and how to know what food choices and habits work for you.

PLUS lots of extra goodies including,  Recipes, Meal plans, tips and tricks for being in charge of your kitchen, and much more!

I Can’t Wait To See You On This Course!