Sarah Trass

Whose corner are you in?

As we look toward the next phase of Covid-19 you may be feeling a little daunted or unsure of what the future looks like, finding yourself wondering ‘What happens with work? When will the kids go back to school? Have I done enough during lock down to be ready for what’s next?’


The thing is life is always going to be full of uncertainty. Things will be different. Things will not always turn out the way you want them to. You’ll encounter frustrations, pains, losses, and you will most definitely experience the ups and downs of a wide range of emotions. Trying to deny this only causes further frustration and self-criticism. So, over the next few weeks (and beyond) as you walk into the unknown I encourage you to practice compassion.


Compassion is recognising when you or others are experiencing pain or difficulty, and instead of beating yourself up, judging, or masking it with a ‘she’ll be alright!’ mentality, you choose to support and encourage.


Compassion is where you start when times get tough, not where you stop.


We all know that when situations and people are treated with care and respect, the best result usually comes out, much the same would happen if we treated ourselves the same way.


Below are key prompts to explore in bringing more compassion to your life moving forward –

  1. When do I find it easier to offer compassion? When do I find it difficult to?
  2. Where in my life am I needing to offer more compassion, and what does this look like?
  3. If I treated myself with the compassion I show for others, how might that impact my life?


As you move through these questions, remember there is no right way to do it, or such a thing as getting it perfect. It’s a practice. Some days it’ll be easier than others, it’s about consciously choosing to support and encourage yourself.


With love,


Sarah x

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