Sarah Trass

Wondering what it’s all for?


What’s it all for!?


I was having dinner with a friend of mine the other day when she started questioning the purpose of life. She shared how recently she had ticked off two major life goals, yet all she felt was deflated – she was still getting up, going to work, working out if she’s lucky, making dinner, then going to bed to start it all over again. She thought reaching her goals meant she could start to live her life more.  


It is so normal for all of us to feel this way and to question multiple times throughout our life, what it’s all for.


What’s going on for us when this happens?

I’m a firm believer that life is to be experienced as expansively as it is long, and we start to feel those nudges and whispers around ‘lack of purpose’ and ‘what am I doing this for?’ when we’ve forgotten to bake in what we enjoy doing, what’s important to us, and what brings us a sense of peace, in the small, seemingly ordinary parts of our life on the pursuit to achievement and in between our day-day routine.


Like my friend, when we tend to place everything we’ve got on achieving BIG goals in our life – putting all our attention, time, and resources on getting there, keeping our noses close to the grindstone and delaying simple pleasures and moments of play until we get there, we end up becoming consumed by achievement and tailor our whole lives around it. We forget to look up and experience life that’s available to us. 



So, if you’ve been finding yourself a little blue lately, and questioning what’s the point of it all. I invite you to sit down and reflect on the following:

  • When life feels great for you, what does this look like?
  • What are the seemingly small, and ordinary things in life that brings you joy/contentment/pleasure?
  • How can you start to make these things more of a part of your day-day life?
  • How can you linger more in the spaces in between your day-day life and the path to achievement?



With love,

Sarah xx

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