Sarah Trass

What is truly enough for you?

I was listening to a great podcast the other day between Marie Forleo and Jenna Kutcher, where they were discussing Jenna’s career growth over the years. Jenna shared that in the early stages she’d been living with this expectation that to be successful, to have enough, to be secure, she needed to be earning six figures. After that, a life of happiness and bliss would be yours.


So, Jenna worked her butt off, she took on every project she was offered and hustled, and on the morning where she finally hit that six figure goal…. she felt nothing. The immediate feeling of fulfilment with golden balloons and confetti falling from the ceiling, never came. Instead she felt burnt out and disheartened by the fact she was spending less and less time with her husband doing the things she loved.  


In this moment Jenna realised she felt happier with less, and that she didn’t need to be earning MORE in order to enjoy her life more. It made her stop and question:


what is enough for me to live the life I desire?


I think this question is so powerful and can be applied to every element of our lives, not just financial. In this fast-paced world, driven by platforms and products that profit off comparison, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing you have to always be pushing for more, or that when you have xyz you will feel fulfilled.


Yet if you were to be honest with yourself in these situations, that feeling of happiness and fulfilment you’re seeking wouldn’t necessarily come from having more of what you’re chasing, it would come from embracing more of what you’ve already got.


So, my invitation for you this month is to ask yourself –

  • What is truly enough for me?
  • How would my life look if I lived inside of this?
  • Where am I chasing ‘more’ – would this realistically make my life any better?
  • What needs to shift here for me to embrace and be comfortable with what I’ve already got?



Sarah x



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