Sarah Trass

What does it look like to just LIVE your life?

Dane and I have just come back from exploring Queenstown. For us it was a proper holiday – no emails, no work, no real agenda…

Every afternoon as I sat and looked out across the mountains, I realised I had no thoughts – I wasn’t trying to go over any problems or challenges, I wasn’t focusing on future events, I wasn’t trying to make the moment anything more than what it was. I was simply being.

Although ‘quiet’ moments can make me feel uncomfortable at times, I resist the urge to do something about it.

I believe we can get so caught up in the hamster wheel of continual improvement and perfection, always fixating on what we need to change or be better at, that we lose sight of the fact life is happening right now in the present moment.

By pausing and enjoying the moment right in front of you, you realise that sometimes life can be just for LIVING, you don’t have to always be rushing towards achieving, learning, gaining, or growing.


If you sit with the small moments that pop up in your everyday life, you can see that your life and who you are in the moment is enough


So that’s my invitation for you this week – what does it look like to just BE and live your life in this moment?

  • What could be possible for you if you allowed yourself to sit with your life as it is, to witness what’s happening right in front of you without giving over to the need to ‘fix’ or ‘change’ it?
  • What do you want to give more space to in your life so that you can simply be in the moment?
  • In these moments of presence, what can help you stay grounded?


With love,

Sarah xx

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