Sarah Trass

What does a Life Coach do?

Hello lovely, I hope you are having a great start to the new year.

Over the holiday break whilst reflecting on what it is you want for your self what you want to focus on, and what changes you want to bring into your day to day life…you may have considered working with a Life Coach and wondered ‘what is it all about?’



A certified Life Coach is a trained professional who has specific skillsets and breadth of knowledge to support you with your personal growth, and in helping you achieve or experience more of what you want in your life. As your coach, I’m here to offer up strategic questions and exercises that deepen your self-awareness, challenge the way you think, reconnect you with your body and emotions, and to teach you practical tools and strategies that you can bring into your everyday life that help you in making the changes you desire.


Now you can work with me for many reasons, and stages in your life –


  • Whether there’s an exciting opportunity that’s new to you (a new job, promotion, new chapter of life, a new relationship) and you’re looking for the space to talk it through with someone, work on habits, and create a clear action plan. 


  • It could be that life has thrown you an unexpected curveball (maybe you’ve experienced a loss, struggling with your health, finding stress or certain emotions difficult to manage, or feeling disconnected to yourself) and you’re needing someone to help unpack what you’re experiencing, what you’re needing, and help shape a way forward.  


  • Or it could be that you’re feeling the urge for a change, the nudge that there is something more for you and your life, but you’re not sure what it is or how to start, and you’re looking for someone to support you in gaining this deeper understanding and awareness.


No matter what stage of life you’re in, as your coach I meet you exactly where you’re at, hold the space for you to unpack and explore, whilst keeping you inspired and accountable every step of the way. 


If after reading this you feel even more drawn to working with a coach, I’d love to connect and talk further – have a look through my 1:1 offerings or reach out to book in a complimentary consult.


All my Love, 

Sarah xx 

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