Sarah Trass

What do you need in your relationships?


Part of building a healthy relationship is understanding the conditions in which you thrive.


However, we often don’t give ourselves the time to reflect on what this looks like, which leads to hurt and resentment when they’re not met by the other party.


Learning to communicate and demonstrate what you need within a relationship starts simply by outlining what those needs are in the first place. This could be anything….


  • Hugs when I’m feeling down
  • Time to be by myself and recharge after dinner
  • Healthy and open communication
  • No bitching or gossiping about other people
  • Respect for my time – by showing up when you said you would
  • Support with chores around the house
  • Capacity to hear my needs without making it personal
  • Quality time spent together
  • Not talking about things we’ve discussed, with other people


Once we begin to tune into our own needs, we can start to move in a way that honours them, opening up the opportunity for people in our lives to learn as well.


So when you’re ready, grab a piece of paper or your journal, and pick a relationship you feel you want to work on. Reflect on and answer the following –

  1. What’s important to me about this relationship?
  2. What do I need in this relationship?
  3. What could this look like moving forward?
  4. How can I communicate this or demonstrate this in the relationship?


With love,

Sarah xx 

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