Is it love or are you just being compliant?

  “Sometimes loving someone involves affirming your separateness, not your sameness”.   I love this quote by Bethany Webster, as it speaks to one of the biggest obstacles I see when it comes to setting boundaries – particularly when it comes to loved ones. People often say to me they’re scared of causing conflict, coming […]

What labels do you wear?

Have you ever called someone a Karen?   The other day I was listening to a podcast called the Decoder Ring, it takes mainstream cultural habits and events and explores the history behind it all, and how it came to play a role in our societies today. This particular episode was all about The Karen. […]

Stop making feedback personal.

  Feedback is not a direct reflection of you, your worth, or your ability. It’s an insight into the person giving it.   Growing up in the performance industry, I was exposed to a lot of feedback from a very young age.  Whilst training one day, my boss told me get in the cupboard and […]

What do you need in your relationships?

  Part of building a healthy relationship is understanding the conditions in which you thrive.   However, we often don’t give ourselves the time to reflect on what this looks like, which leads to hurt and resentment when they’re not met by the other party.   Learning to communicate and demonstrate what you need within […]