Do you take lunch breaks?

What do your lunch breaks look like? Do you take them?   One thing I’ve been consciously working on over the last few years is taking a lunch break every day. I physically put a block in my calendar and treat it like every other appointment or meeting. Whether it be 60, 30,15 or even […]

Fun Fact Friday – You have a Second Brain!

Hello lovely and happy Friday!   Here’s a fun fact to end the week on – You have a second brain.   It’s called your enteric nervous system, and it is an extensive network made up of over 200 million neurons located in the walls of your gut, which spreads out in a thin mesh […]

Coconut Orange Muesli

  Being coeliac I used to struggle finding a yummy muesli that was gluten free AND affordable, so often I wouldn’t bother and just stick to having eggs. Although I love my eggs I missed variety and having something lighter I could enjoy during the warmer seasons, so after researching different recipes and playing around […]