Sarah Trass

Soft is Strong.

The other day I was having a conversation with a man around the different personas you feel you have to play in order to fit the different roles in your life. He was struggling with his approach to leadership. He felt that to be seen as a ‘strong’ leader he had to act in an aggressive way. This was completely opposite to his true nature and it was exhausting him.


I’ve always found the concept of ‘Strength’ a fascinating one, as what most of us have come to view as strong is so stigmitised and celebrated as being macho, dominating, big, muscular, tough and extroverted.  As a result, people who have strengths that are opposite to these concepts start to believe they’re ‘weak’, and like this wonderful man they believe they have to become someone they’re not.


I can tell you right now, being strong comes is so many shapes and sizes, yet it doesn’t diminish your ability to lead your life from a place of strength. Being strong can be…

  • Quiet
  • Caring
  • Soft
  • Feminine
  • Big-hearted
  • Slim
  • Introverted
  • Emotional


If you’re someone whose strength lies in your softness you’re not at a disadvantage in this world. Your version of strength is a gift, it’s what enables you to connect more deeply with yourself and others from a place that is real and readily accessible whenever you need it.


Over to you, what would change if you allowed yourself to stand fully in your version of strength?


Sarah x

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