Sarah Trass

Own your worth.

One thing I know for sure, is that we are all capable of so much more, yet often underestimate ourselves due to the constant wrestle of being, having, and doing enough.


If you stop for a second and reflect on your day, you will find that the word ‘enough’ trickles through your consciousness from the moment you wake up – did I get enough sleep, am I prepared enough, do I have enough time, have I done enough, do I earn enough…the list is endless. This constant doubt becomes an automatic thought process that we never question or challenge, and as a result we start to live our life hampered by the belief that we aren’t enough.


The thing is, no one is born with an immunity to self-doubt, it’s a practice that we have to learn and apply to the different elements of our lives. This practice starts with learning how to trust your own wisdom and guidance, and to start looking inside of yourself for your sense of worth. This means no more:


  • Looking outside of yourself for validation and external markers of success.
  • Seeking approval, or ‘likes’, from others.
  • Relying on others to know what’s best when it comes to who you are, what you do, and how you do it.


Trusting yourself is about taking the time to determine what you stand for, and releasing any of the old stories and beliefs you’ve adopted from others that make you question whether you are enough. It’s about clearly defining how you want to show up for yourself and others, in a way that aligns with who you want to be. It’s about claiming your own value and honouring the way you want to contribute to the world around you.


Once you’ve made this change you will notice that you no longer view yourself and your life from the outside, but rather you embody it from the inside.  


Over to you – if you started living life more from the inside out, confident in your own worth, what dreams would you chase? What chances would you take?


Sarah x

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