Sarah Trass

New year, New feels


2018 here we are! Welcome back wonderful people, I hope you had a fabulous, relaxing break reconnecting with yourself and loved ones. I can’t wait to work with you all and help make 2018 YOUR year.


January is famous for creating resolutions and normally I am all over it with a cup of tea, however this year a funny thing happened – I didn’t feel the pull. Quite honestly the thought of writing my NY resolutions felt kind of exhausting. Now I am all about goals, so naturally I became curious about what was going on.


On reflection, I feel a lot of people’s NY resolutions have become associated with material things or about meeting societies perceived milestones of success, that often we forget to check in on the true desires that drive them. Yep I’m on the ‘know your why’ bandwagon again!


By not checking in on your desired feelings,

resolutions can simply become a check list of things

to tick off throughout the year.


Creating resolutions in this manner sets us up for feeling pressured, anxious, or overwhelmed. We feel we have a list of things that need to be ticked off by a certain time, in a certain way. Not at all how we want to feel heading into the first month of the year! So I invite you to look at your NY resolutions this week.

  1. Peel your list back and focus on how you want to FEEL this year.
  2. Once you have your desired feelings in check, then start to fill out some actions or goals around them.


For Example: if your original resolution was to lose 10kgs this year, peel it back and ask yourself ‘What is the why behind this? How do I want to FEEL?’ … is it strong, healthy, sexy, independent?


By focusing on how you want to feel you may find yourself going after completely different things, and in a completely different way. Instead of hitting the gym three times a week (which may not feel right for you) you might list down other ways of achieving the same feeling like trialing a dance class, joining a social sports team, creating a walking group with your friends, meditating, wearing dresses or a cool pair of shoes to work… Your options become endless.


By focusing on your true desired feelings, you aren’t shoe-horning yourself into a specific action, it opens the flood gates of creativity.


Tuning into how you wish to feel this year will unlock a whole new world of resources, skills, strengths, and networks to support you. By approaching your resolutions in this way your intentions for the year will feel less like a check list and more like an adventure that evolves and changes as you grow.


How do you want to feel in 2018?


My top four are: Strong, Nourished, Fearless, Joy.


Sarah x

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