Sarah Trass

My self-care realisation.

I used to believe that what I contributed and bought into this world, was directly related to my skillset and abilities. Believing this, constantly made me on the lookout for ways to be better.


If I felt tired, run-down, un-motivated, anxious, or if for some reason I had spare time on my hands, I would keep pushing myself to do more. I honestly believed taking time off for me was a luxury I couldn’t afford.


Believing my worth was attached to what I did, and refusing to care for myself properly, become an anchor to my growth and happiness.


It weighed me down in every way possible – I felt less creative, I slipped into bad habits with stress, I stopped moving, I wasn’t present with others, and the real shitty part was that I forgot what I did for me…I couldn’t tell you what my hobbies or interests were any more.


From moving through this experience, I learnt two fundamental things.

  1. You aren’t your job, your ethnicity, your body, your skillset, or your abilities…what makes you ‘good enough’ is the magic within you. YOU are what makes you special, and simply BEING you is what you bring into this world.
  2. Self-care isn’t a joke. When I didn’t value or prioritise my needs I reached the bottom of the energy tank, and when you reach the bottom there’s no reward waiting for you. You don’t get a slap on the back, a good on ya, or a 2 for 1 refill. You are just depleted, and everything you produce and give to others is depleted.


I realised that I couldn’t be me, or contribute to my life in the ways I wanted to, when I didn’t prioritise self-care.


Therefore, to remind myself of these two fundamental points I created this little saying, and I wanted to share it with you today in case you’re finding yourself constantly pushing to be good enough.


“The greatest gift I bring to the world around me IS me. Yet for me to fully BE me, I need to look after me.”  


Have a great week lovelies, and remember you are worth prioritising.


Sarah x

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