Sarah Trass

Moving on from worry.

Whether it be around income, economic and market stability, career growth, health, family… there seems to be a bit more worry in the air recently.


If you’ve been feeling this way, know that it’s 100% ok. Just take a second to breath in nice and deep and let it out slowly.


Rightio, let’s unpack what’s going on for you here.  

We tend to worry when we feel things are slipping outside of our control, or as though things might affect our sense of security in life.

In the majority of cases there is no real or immediate threat to your safety, it’s simply a tool your mind uses to try gain back control so that you can operate in the realm you feel most comfortable in.


Although well intended, this protective mechanism doesn’t work that well. When you give the reins over to worry you end up focusing purely on the perceived problem, and spending all your energy on trying to change and manipulate things that you realistically can’t or don’t have the right to.


In this state it’s impossible to see the resources that are already available to you or on what’s already working well, to be curious about possible solutions, or to find new opportunities for growth.


In a sense, Worry is the Perfect way to stay stuck spinning your wheels



It’s important to understand that uncertainty is a natural part of life, none of us know exactly what’s going to happen from one moment to the next, and in every situation there will be things within your control and things that aren’t.  


A happy, healthy life comes from learning how to release this attachment to control.



If you’d like to delve into this further, here are some great prompts to journal on: 

  • What can you do to help remind yourself that you can’t control everything in life?  What support can you put in place to ease and reduce worry in situations outside of your control?
  • When things are within your control, to stop spiralling into the problem and to activate your curiosity – What would give you a greater sense of clarity or security within the situation moving forward?
  • What’s is this ‘worry’ telling you about what you’re needing? What’s one small step you could take that helps meet this over the next week? What can you put in place to support you more regularly here?




Sarah x




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