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Is your year starting off slower than you thought it would?….Don’t worry.

Is your year starting off slower than you thought it would?….Don’t worry.


My start to the year has been all about planning and getting married (woohoo!), in the sense that the first two months flew by and it only feels now in March that my feet are touching the ground and that I can bring more focus and energy to my days. Before this I didn’t have much capacity for anything else.


I wanted to share this with you because I feel so many of us get pulled into the trap of thinking the new year has to start off with a bang. That you should come back from your holiday period knowing exactly what you want for the year ahead and already actioning all the new habits and changes that are going to help you get there.


If this is you then that’s wonderful, embrace this energy and let it lead you towards the opportunities that are available to you. If not, know this is also great and perfectly normal –


You don’t need to be feeling or acting any differently just because it’s the start of the year.  


I’m a huge believer in living your life in alignment with what’s most important to you whilst understanding that we all experience different seasons of change – some where we are full of motivation, energy and inspiration, and others where we feel insular, reflective, and move at a slower pace.

Rather than beating yourself up for not having the motivation or energy to make ‘big’ changes at the moment, learn to meet yourself where you’re at. Learn to embrace the slower seasons in your life by listening to your body’s needs, and to tending to what’s been asked of you at this time. Knowing that this is more than enough.


Remember, even when it feels ‘busy’ around you, it’s ok to honour the slower moments and movements you’re desiring, because change and growth is always available to you when you’re ready.



So that’s my invitation for you this month – What does embracing your slower seasons look like this year?

  • Where are you finding yourself wanting moments of stillness or to move at a slower pace?
  • What’s the smallest, most realistic, way you can honour this (alongside your current commitments) during this time?


With love,

Sarah x

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