Sarah Trass

Is multi-tasking really all it’s cut out to be?


Have you ever been at a restaurant where the couple next to you are deeply engrossed in their own phones and you’re wondering how are they meant to truly connect with one another when they’re in two different realities?

Or when being sold a marketing package, they tell you with a wide smile that most people are viewing different content across three devices at one time, like it’s something to be excited about.


I’ve never found the concept of divided attention something to be proud of. It’s like living your life with one foot in, and besides pulling us out of the present moment with loved ones, it’s making us overwhelmed and exhausted.


Studies show that in today’s world our brain is forced to process around 11 million bits of information per second, YET it only has the conscious capacity to process 120.


Therefore, every time you divide your attention across multiple things in one moment, you cause your brain to become overwhelmed and overloaded. This is why collectively we’re feeling…

  • increasingly tired,
  • that we’re unable to retain new information,
  • distracted,
  • disconnected from others, and
  • as though we can’t come up with any new or creative ideas.


It’s also the main reason we feel we can’t get ahead in life. With everything that’s competing for your attention, if you’re not careful you’ll find yourself focusing on the wrong things, or on too many things that aren’t related to what’s important.   


The greatest power we have is what we choose to put our attention towards.

By focusing your attention on something specific in each moment it will bring your thoughts, actions, and resources all into alignment to achieve it. Whether it be taking one step closer to your dream job, connecting with your child in a meaningful way, or taking time out for yourself to rest and recharge.


The more intentional you are with your attention and focus,
the greater the result you will get.


So my invitation for you is to start noticing what you’re putting your attention towards in life.

  • Are you intentional about what you focus on, or are you scattered?
  • What are you giving most of your attention towards throughout the day – is it aligned with what’s important to you? Is it moving you closer to what you truly want?
  • What constantly steals or divides your attention? How is this serving you?
  • What’s one thing you could change in your day to give your full attention to one thing?


With love,


Sarah xx

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