Sarah Trass

Imagine if your body was your child….

If your body was your child, how differently would you treat it?


This is a question I’ve posed a lot recently, because it’s so easy to take your body for granted. It’s easy to simply expect it to ‘work’ for you, to keep showing up and pulling you through, to keep loving you, regardless of what you think about it or do to it.


Would you push your child to the point of exhaustion every day when they’re already tired?


Would you….

  • Poke and squeeze them?
  • Say horrible, self-degrading things to them?
  • Allow them to sit all day without any form of movement?
  • Fill them up on foods that aren’t nutritious and ‘healthy’?
  • Tell them off for outgrowing their clothes as they grow older?
  • Find them unlovable because they look different to their peers?


Thinking of my body as someone I’m in a loving relationship with, and that I care for, helped me so much in shifting my perspective around accepting my body and creating the habits that truly serve me.


So that’s my invitation for you – if you were to think of your body like your own child, how would you show up for it? What would you do differently?


With love, 

Sarah xx 

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