Sarah Trass

I can’t get no. Satisfaction.

Have you ever found yourself staring aimlessly into the fridge, or going out and buying an expensive pair of shoes on a whim? How about constantly going to the pub after work for a few too many drinks? Yet no matter what you do to fill it, there is still that feeling of something missing?


Lack is something we all experience at different stages in life, however if left unchecked we can find ourselves filling that ‘hole’, ‘gap’, ‘sense of discomfort’ with things or habits that don’t really serve us. We….

  • over eat,
  • over spend,
  • over work,
  • over drink,


Eventually these external fillers wear off and we are still left with that deflating sense of lack.


Let’s shift that sense of lack to a sense of fulfillment!


The next time you find yourself aimlessly ‘filling’, stop and ask:

–        ‘What is going on here? What am I really wanting to fill?’


By taking the time to understand what you are feeling, as opposed to simply reacting to it, you’ll be able to distinguish what it is you are truly wanting or needing in your life right now and why.


Your focus will shift to becoming fill from within, creating an unlimited resource you can tap into anytime, anywhere.


You will find yourself making decisions that are in greater alignment with who you truly are.


You’ll be content.
Happy Wednesday wonderful peeps, happy filling from within!

Sarah x

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