Sarah Trass

How well is the wellness industry?

The wellness industry is one that’s boomed over the last few years, and who doesn’t want to focus on their health? Yet as I engage in this world of wellness – both professionally and personally, I find myself wondering how well is it? How are we communicating and promoting what is truly healthy to each other – is it helping or is it causing further dis-ease?
We knowingly spend hours on platforms that are rooted in perfectionism and hyper individualism. Where photos and videos of people’s faces, bodies, and daily lives are used as markers around what’s healthy, giving it viewership priority and funding purely because it ‘looks’ a certain way. In turn creating cycles of competition and comparison based on visual standards.
Platforms where you feel pressured to simplify complex concepts and tools into daily hooks that vanish immediately in the sea of forgotten threads, or lost in the posts that are saved for later. Leading us down a path of inertia and mental overwhelm, where we sort of ‘know’ what we can do but never get round to actually doing it.
These wellness trends, rather than making us collectively healthy, are feeding into the very concepts that we know make us unwell.
And our daily choices continue to support it.
I know this isn’t new, that advertising has been used across the board for centuries, I’m also aware of the fact I’m not immune to it, I’m putting this out there as a point of reflection – in the hopes that we can start to encourage each other to find opportunities to push back against the trends that don’t contribute to our wellness, and to start exploring other ways in which we can engage and consume wellness.
Some thoughts for reflection…
  • How do you use your or other’s platforms to engage in health and wellness?
  • What’s your intention behind the content you create or consume? Does it encourage and support you from a healthy place of love/inspiration/wellness?
  • How can we make shifts in the way we use wellness trends and platforms to ensure we’re contributing to the health and wellness of us all?
Sarah x

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