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Get your A into G!


Without a doubt one of the most common things people say to me is that they lack motivation to get what they want. Let’s face it, we all experience those moments when sitting on the couch sounds way more appealing that getting all sweaty at the gym.

But how is it that some people can bounce back after falling off the bandwagon, when others can’t? Is it that they have more self-control? Or, are they just inherently better? The answer is…of course not!


The main reason we struggle with motivation comes down to 2 key things:

  1. We’re not focused on something that’s truly important to us,. OR…
  2. We’re not focused on the habits that keep us moving forward.



If you fall into camp 1, it’s not that you lost motivation to keep going, you simply lost focus on why you’re doing it. When it comes to making a change, or stepping up and taking your life to the next level, you have to be emotionally connected to the outcome, and in turn the process of getting there; otherwise your inspiration will always fade. You will find excuses and distractions to avoid taking action, versus finding reasons to commit.

What can you do about it:

Stop and ask yourself – What’s important to me? What is it that I’m prepared to roll my sleeves up and work hard for?

Once you’ve identified what drives you, use it as a reminder to fire yourself up for the day ahead. Say it to yourself when you’re brushing your teeth, when you’re having your breakfast, when you’re commuting to work. By starting your day with an intentional reminder of why you’re doing what you’re doing, it will positively infiltrate how you show up, how you interact and engage with others, in the actions you take, and most importantly how you feel. Who needs more motivation when you feel like that right!?



If you fall into camp 2, you know what you want and why, but you’re most likely letting yourself get distracted. Swiping through social media, constantly checking and replying to emails, and attending to the constant stream of ‘urgent’ tasks, will make you very busy…busy doing things that don’t help you move forward with your biggest goals. This gets down right tiring – no wonder you don’t feel motivated.

What can you do about it:

Get intentional with your actions and block out your schedule like a boss!! Set three actions for yourself to complete EVERY DAY that moves you one step closer to achieving what you want. Look at your calendar and block out set times throughout the day for your three prioritised actions, as well as the activities that you know distract you. For example: if you like getting a little swipe happy on Instagram, that’s fine – block out 5 mins to do just this, then get back to doing what truly serves you. That way you get your fix yet you know that the rest of the day is free for you to focus on your chosen activities.

This habit only takes 4 minutes to do, and as a result you will have hours of clarity and focus to get you moving and motivated again.


These two simple steps are the first of many ways you can re-boot your motivation – I’m only just getting started! But for now I’ll chuck it over to you:

  • What specific steps do you take to get motivated again?
  • Which camp do you find yourself sitting in when it comes to motivation? What difference would it make to your life if you took one of these steps on board?

Sarah x

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