Sarah Trass

Find your Light!

Whenever I was on set, the director would say this to me. ‘Find your Light!’

I never seemed to feel the light, therefore I never stood in it, and I used to get shitty thinking ‘Can’t someone just put the light on me!?’.


Like the younger version of myself, many of us can go through life putting the power and expectation on others to light us up, or to help find the fire within. Yet, as I discovered over the years, this isn’t how it works.


We don’t find our light by looking outwards, or by relying on others to ensure we shine – we find it by jumping in the driver’s seat and being ‘respons-able’ for ourselves.


Being responsible for our own brightness starts with awareness, therefore to help find your own light reflect on the following…

  1. How present are you to what’s going on in your life – both inside and out?
  2. How are you choosing to respond to situations – are you being respons-able for your thoughts, actions, behaviours OR are you letting others decide these for you?
  3. What needs to happen to feel that fire within yourself, and to trust yourself to shine?


Each of us has unlimited light and vitality within, and the more vibrantly you shine, the greater the chance you have of brightening not only your world, but of those around you.


Sarah x

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