Sarah Trass

Feeling as though Covid’s robbed you of possibility?

The last 18months have been challenging for everyone in their own unique ways, but a common thing I’ve seen across the board is a sense of grief around the passing of time and feeling as though we’ve been robbed of it. Time to do the things we really desire to do – to hang out with loved ones, to study, to start careers, to travel, to grow businesses, to be young and fancy free.


During hardship and times of uncertainty it’s very normal to feel this way, and it’s so easy to push down your desires and say ‘not now’.


But the truth is when is it ever the right time? When does the world ever offer you a perfect moment all at once to do what you want to do? I’d say very rarely….Life is not, and has never been, a series of singular experiences at a time. Life is a collection of moments all wrapped up in one – the good, the bad, the beautiful, the uncertain, the possible.


Just because it doesn’t look perfect, or how you imagined it would be, doesn’t mean it’s not full of possibility.



So that’s my invitation for you – What dreams and desires have you put on the backburner during this time?


  • Instead of saying ‘not now’ to that calling within, how might you make room for it to be a possibility?
  • What if you stopped waiting for the perfect moment to start and simply allowed yourself the pleasure of exploring what it could look like with what you’ve got?
  • What would the first step be, in honouring your desire during this time?



With love,

Sarah x



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