Sarah Trass

Embracing the new you.

Let’s talk about change and pushing past the edge of discomfort.


This past month has been a deep dive into the world of self exploration. We’ve been unpacking what it really means to reconnect and tune in with your own wants, needs, and sense of identity, and ultimately how you can start to trust your instincts when it comes to finding the answers.


Like many others, you’re probably finding that once you’ve lifted the hood and taken a peek inside your wants, it’s difficult to unsee what’s there. You may have noticed a change in how you feel about your life. Maybe there’s a calling for more. Maybe you’re feeling that tension growing within, where half of you is hungry to explore the expansive feeling of change, but the other half wants to cling to what’s comfortable.


This is 100% normal – I call it your personal Chrysalis.


Between being a caterpillar and becoming a butterfly, there is the chrysalis. This is where the caterpillar goes into a cocoon and old things give way, making room for the next phase of life. During this time it’s murky, gloopy, and undefined. The body of the caterpillar nor the butterfly exists.  It’s simply transforming.


It’s the same with us. We all go through our own phases of chrysalis, when we’re ready to transform into the next version of ourselves. The phase where our current sense of identity doesn’t match our future desires, and the old is starting to give way for what’s to become.


Although this can feel unsettling I urge you to trust that you’re ready. Lean in to what’s coming up for you, allow it to direct you down new and unforged paths.


This may look like…

  • Exploring and learning about new things / interests
  • Changing your daily routines and practices
  • Pulling back from interactions and social events
  • Turning inwards
  • Sitting with your own thoughts rather than consuming others material
  • Going slower
  • Creating less


Let these new experiences and sensation show you what’s possible, and allow yourself to move towards it. What you desire is on the other side.


With love,


Stunning photography: Amy-Kate Atkinson  @amy_kate_photography

Sarah x

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