Sarah Trass

Embodiment…What does it actually mean?

One of the most effective ways of understanding how you feel, and learning how to move through difficult emotions, is through your body. In fact, the word emotion comes from the Latin word ‘emovere’ which means to move out.

Yet being in touch with your body is something lots of us struggle with,

because we buy into misguided beliefs around what embodiment actually means.


We think that to be embodied means you have to move well, boldly embrace your sensuality, look a certain way, hold yourself a certain way…. Pretty much we start to see our relationship with our own body as something outside of ourselves based on its outward appearance and functionality, rather than seeing it as an intuitive guide.


Embodiment is about coming back INTO your body – noticing changes/shifts both internally and externally, tuning into the message behind these shifts, and trusting yourself to respond in a way that honours this. This can be as simple as,

  • Going to bathroom straight away rather than holding on.
  • Acknowledging you’re hungry and eating something.
  • Noticing when you’re tired and going to bed.
  • Noticing when your posture and breathing changes.


So, my invitation for you this week is to bring more awareness to how your body speaks to you throughout the day:

–  What changes do you notice?

–  Where do you notice you tend to ignore your body’s messages?

–  What’s one thing you could bring into your week to deepen your connection with your body?


With love

Sarah x

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