Sarah Trass

Do you take lunch breaks?

What do your lunch breaks look like? Do you take them?


One thing I’ve been consciously working on over the last few years is taking a lunch break every day. I physically put a block in my calendar and treat it like every other appointment or meeting. Whether it be 60, 30,15 or even 10minutes….I still take it.


For me it’s been about challenging the stories I live inside of when it comes to taking time for myself, and not giving over to the belief that every hour has to be accounted for in some way that adds up to my overall level of productivity.


This is something I’ve seen a lot of in the clients I work with. So many of us don’t allow ourselves to have a lunch break – we either forget about it entirely, push it out to later in the afternoon, eat it on the run, in the car at pick-ups or at our desks.  When I ask what’s going on for people when they think about taking lunch breaks I hear:


‘I can’t take time off to eat…What a treat….I only stop when I’ve done everything on my list…Lunch breaks are earnt…Is it that big of a deal? I’ll just have it later or wait for dinner.’


When you sit with these responses you see (like the majority of stories we live inside of when it comes to time/productivity/success) that taking time out to eat and nourish ourselves has become attached to our sense of worth and achievement. YET when you really look at it, how well do these stories serve you? What impact does it have on your mental and physical wellbeing? How well do you actually function when you don’t take breaks?


What I see is that not taking the time to eat and have a break during the day actually hinders your productivity, creativity, energy, and ultimately it slows you down. This is because our bodies aren’t designed to function non-stop.


So that’s my invitation for you –

  • what would it look like if you started creating space in your day for a lunch break? No matter how short.
  • What needs to shift in the way you view lunch breaks for you to honour them?


I’d love to know how this lands for you. What shifts do you notice in your mind and body when you give yourself a break during the day? What shifts do you notice in your overall level of energy, focus, creativity…?


With love,

Sarah xx

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