Sarah Trass

Creamy Pumpkin and Orange Soup


Dane and I found a rogue squash patch growing in our backyard, and decided to let it run wild to see what happened. It bloomed and recently we harvested dozens of them! These rogue little squashes were so beautiful and orange, and I couldn’t think of a better way to use them than to make a soup!


Creamy pumpkin and orange soup.

For me this soup is the perfect winter warmer, and one I come back to whenever I’m wanting to feel cosy! Plus it’s a great one to help fight off winter bugs, and to support your immune system.


The recipe uses onions which are anti-inflammatory and great immune boosters, orange zest which is packed with vitamin c, and a pinch of saffron which not only gives it a rich earthy undertone, but provides your body with antioxidants and mood boosting properties. Saffron can be a bit pricey – so if it’s not something you have on hand at the moment, you can easily omit it from the recipe without compromising on flavour, OR alternatively you could swap it out for grated or ground turmeric.


Grab your recipe Creamy pumpkin and orange soup, and enjoy!



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Sarah xx


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