Wondering what it’s all for?

  What’s it all for!?   I was having dinner with a friend of mine the other day when she started questioning the purpose of life. She shared how recently she had ticked off two major life goals, yet all she felt was deflated – she was still getting up, going to work, working out […]

Struggling to get in the Christmas spirit?

  Do you travel or stay put? Do you mix and mingle with strangers or stick to your bubbles? Do you book things in advance – what if there’s another massive outbreak or lock down?   Planning anything this year has been fairly difficult, and with everyone wanting to get back to some sense of […]

How to manage your inner critic.

The other day I felt exhausted. My energy was flat,  I felt unmotivated, and noticed the early signs of a cold coming on. All I felt like doing was having a lie down.   As soon as that thought crossed my mind, my inner critic popped up. You’re sick, I can’t believe it. What a […]

Imagine if your body was your child….

If your body was your child, how differently would you treat it?   This is a question I’ve posed a lot recently, because it’s so easy to take your body for granted. It’s easy to simply expect it to ‘work’ for you, to keep showing up and pulling you through, to keep loving you, regardless […]

Ginger, Saffron Juice

I’m a massive tea fan, yet sometimes in the afternoons I want something cool and refreshing.   Cue this recipe.   I love doubling this recipe to make a big batch for the week, especially when I’m feeling a little under the weather, as the ginger gives it that spicey, warm kick whilst the saffron […]

Sweet, Buttery Nut Mix!

Can’t get enough of dem nuts! This mixture is one of my favourites, as it’s sweet and salty, and perfect for when you’re craving that little pick me up.   I honestly make this mixture most weeks, and store jars of them all over the place – in my hand bag, glove box, in the […]

Spiced Zucchini, Carrot, & Banana Loaf

It’s a fact, I’m a huge snacker. I love having little tasty, home-made treats that are easy to grab, and that are full of delicious ingredients that serve me in ways a bag of chips can’t!   One of my favourite snacks to prepare for the week, is a loaf. Cold, hot, with a little […]