What does a Life Coach do?

Hello lovely, I hope you are having a great start to the new year. Over the holiday break whilst reflecting on what it is you want for your self what you want to focus on, and what changes you want to bring into your day to day life…you may have considered working with a Life […]

Are your choices moving you closer to what you want, or keeping you stuck?

  I’ve seen so many people lately who are run-down, burnt out, unhappy, and generally feeling disconnected to their lives. When talking to them they’re quick to jump to everything that’s making them feel this way – why they’re not able to bring movement into their lives, why they’re too stressed to take a break, […]

Fun Fact Friday – You have a Second Brain!

Hello lovely and happy Friday!   Here’s a fun fact to end the week on – You have a second brain.   It’s called your enteric nervous system, and it is an extensive network made up of over 200 million neurons located in the walls of your gut, which spreads out in a thin mesh […]

Coconut Orange Muesli

  Being coeliac I used to struggle finding a yummy muesli that was gluten free AND affordable, so often I wouldn’t bother and just stick to having eggs. Although I love my eggs I missed variety and having something lighter I could enjoy during the warmer seasons, so after researching different recipes and playing around […]

Moving on from worry.

Whether it be around income, economic and market stability, career growth, health, family… there seems to be a bit more worry in the air recently.   If you’ve been feeling this way, know that it’s 100% ok. Just take a second to breath in nice and deep and let it out slowly.   Rightio, let’s […]

Creamy Pumpkin and Orange Soup

  Dane and I found a rogue squash patch growing in our backyard, and decided to let it run wild to see what happened. It bloomed and recently we harvested dozens of them! These rogue little squashes were so beautiful and orange, and I couldn’t think of a better way to use them than to […]

What is truly enough for you?

I was listening to a great podcast the other day between Marie Forleo and Jenna Kutcher, where they were discussing Jenna’s career growth over the years. Jenna shared that in the early stages she’d been living with this expectation that to be successful, to have enough, to be secure, she needed to be earning six […]

How well is the wellness industry?

The wellness industry is one that’s boomed over the last few years, and who doesn’t want to focus on their health? Yet as I engage in this world of wellness – both professionally and personally, I find myself wondering how well is it? How are we communicating and promoting what is truly healthy to each […]