Sarah Trass

Are your choices moving you closer to what you want, or keeping you stuck?


I’ve seen so many people lately who are run-down, burnt out, unhappy, and generally feeling disconnected to their lives. When talking to them they’re quick to jump to everything that’s making them feel this way – why they’re not able to bring movement into their lives, why they’re too stressed to take a break, why it’s too difficult to make a change.  


When you step back for a second you see they’re simply getting caught up in what’s not working for them, and focusing on the actions and behaviours that aren’t supporting them.


As a result, life simply ends up happening to them and often not in the direction they were wishing for.  


There are lots of things outside of your control, and difficult situations pop up all the time, yet in these moments you always have the freedom to choose how you look at the situation, how you want to feel about it, and what you want to do about it.



Some choices move you forward, others keep you stuck.



So if you’ve been feeling in a rut lately, I encourage you to really look at the choices you’re making in your everyday life. Are you committing to things that move you towards what you want in life (the mindset, behaviours, and habits that serve you) OR are your choices keeping you stuck in the same old patterns delivering unsatisfactory results?



If it’s the latter, please don’t judge yourself, it just means you’re in the perfect position to start making a change.



Pick one thing you really want to focus on for the rest of the year, and ask yourself the following:

  • What choices am I committing to that are pulling me further away from achieving this?
  • What are some healthier choices I can make for myself here?
  • What do I need to prioritise, or seek support with, to help me in making these new choices?



If you’d like to continue making healthier choices in your life, and break free from the habits that are holding you back, get support through a 1:1 life coaching programme with me. Book your complimentary consultation today.



Sarah xx 


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