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My passion is helping people lead happier and healthier lives. Because I’ve been there – the place where you feel stuck in a rut, going about the daily grind, and wondering why you’re not feeling that excited about it all.

Growing up, and into my early twenties, I was very focused on success and being the best at whatever I did. Although I learnt a lot and experienced many wonderful opportunities, I also become unwell.

I struggled with self-criticism always finding ways I could’ve done something better. I constantly sought validation from my colleagues, parents, and partners. I didn’t have healthy habits or boundaries in place that supported my energy and wellbeing, and mostly I started to feel disconnected from myself, not knowing what bought me an internal sense of joy and contentment.

In a nut-shell, I lead myself down the road of burn out.

In life we always have a choice - to stick to what we're doing, or to make a change.

I decided to go down the journey of life coaching and not only worked with my own coach but started my training as one. It is through coaching that I learnt the importance of our belief systems and how the stories we live inside of directly shape our day-day thoughts, emotions, actions, relationships, and sense of identity. It is through the foundations of coaching that I developed a deeper understanding and connection to who I was, and with how to live a life that aligned with what I valued and enjoyed.

Yet the more I worked with clients and continued with my own journey, I discovered that the mind was only one piece of the puzzle to leading a whole and healthy life. I noticed that when placed in a stressful or uncertain experience, all of the rational learnings suddenly became out of reach. It felt as though the mind went offline and the physical responses took over.

Following my curiosity, I discovered no matter how much work you do on your mind, if the knowledge isn’t embodied then you aren’t fully in the driver’s seat of your choices and healing. This led me to studying Somatic Trauma Therapy and Polyvagal theory. It is through my work as a Somatic Practitioner that I support people in learning how to befriend their nervous system, and how to use both their mind and body to regulate and release any unresolved trauma and stress so they can thrive.

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