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My passion is helping people lead happier and healthier lives. Because I’ve been there – the place where you feel stuck in a rut, going about the daily grind, and wondering why you’re not feeling that excited about it all.

Before I became a life coach I was a consultant for some of the country’s most elite organisations. On the outside life looked perfect. But on the inside something was missing. There was this longing for something more, and I felt like I was simply waiting for ‘it’ to happen.

Without realising it, I’d put my personal life on the backburner. I stopped making time for exercise, cooking in my kitchen, going out with friends, and most importantly I’d stopped taking care of me. It was a huge light bulb moment.

What was missing was a deeper connection with who I was and what made me happy.

Once I saw this, it couldn’t be unseen. I noticed I wasn’t the only one. I was surrounded by intelligent, high-achieving people who were just as frustrated as me, about living their life in second-gear. I found myself asking ‘Really? Is this as good as it gets OR can I do something about it?’

Cue my journey into life coaching. Through my training I learnt how to create the life I wanted – a life that was on my terms, that made me feel content and happy with what I had, and where I no longer worried about what other people thought of me. My relationships deepened, my stress and anxiety eased off, and I felt confident in who I was and what I wanted.

This journey taught me that true happiness really is an inside job. It’s only when you decide to prioritise yourself that you can be in the position to enjoy your career, relationships, health, and everything else in between of this wonderful thing called life.

Now I spend my days sharing this knowledge with my clients. Taking them on their own journey to unpack life’s bigger questions and define who they are, what they want, and how to get it.

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