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Group Coaching

Support + Smart actions = Results!

Bring your work team, best friends, loved ones, or circle of likeminded people together, to share in the fun of a group coaching session. I will help the group break down a shared goal, challenge, or specific health and lifestyle topic into bite sized chunks, so everyone can start putting actions into place and seeing immediate results.


Together we will make health, happiness, and fulfillment a happening thing!


Whether it be a one-off intensive workshop, or a monthly programme, I will tailor-make the sessions to suit your group’s specific needs.


Book in your 30-minute consultation and we will get it sorted.

Note: Minimum of 4 people required for group sessions.


“It was a great experience. I have only had really positive feedback from our team. Highly recommend, it was a great investment in our team culture. Once again thank you.”

  • Lagadere, New Zealand