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Meeting people where they're at.

Sarah Trass 13

"He just makes me so frustrated, she’s trying to manipulate me, he doesn’t care about what I want, she clearly doesn’t respect me…."


Mmmhhm we’ve all been there with certain people in our lives where we find ourselves getting so riled up by their behaviour, and where every conversation feels like a stand-off, that we let the desire to be right, to win, to have the last say, completely overshadow what’s really going on.

Whose corner are you in?

Sarah Trass 25

As we look toward the next phase of Covid-19 you may be feeling a little daunted or unsure of what the future looks like, finding yourself wondering ‘What happens with work? When will the kids go back to school? Have I done enough during lock down to be ready for what’s next?’ 

The thing is life is always going to be full of uncertainty. Trying to deny this only causes further frustration and self-criticism. What we need to be leaning into, is practice of compassion. 

What's your relationship with Rest?

Sarah Trass 30

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, my inbox has been full of 'ways to be more productive!’ Instead of inspiring me, this triggered anxiety and lead to feelings of overwhelm and confusion. I felt like a had additional pressure and expectations dropped on me, and that I had to radically redefine my identity and sense of accomplishment over the next few weeks.

It got me thinking - what's our relationship with rest?



Finding calm in the chaos.

Sarah Trass 44

During times of uncertainty and global change it’s 100% normal to be feeling anxious, and if this is something you’re experiencing right now please take comfort in knowing there are tools and techniques here to support you.   

The key to letting go and learning how to manage your anxiety effectively, is to lean into it. Read on to explore a few of my favourite tools that help with this. 


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