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Embracing the new you.

Sarah Trass 3

Maybe you're noticing a change in how you feel about your life. Maybe there’s a calling for more. Maybe you’re feeling that tension growing within, where half of you is hungry to explore the expansive feeling of change, but the other half wants to cling to what’s comfortable.

This is 100% normal - I call it your personal Chrysalis. 

Tired of feeling you're not enough?

Sarah Trass 11

Recently a loved one spoke to me in a confronting way about a situation. Throughout the conversation all they could focus on was how my behaviour didn’t meet their expectations – what they wanted me to do, what they believed about the situation, and how they wanted me to handle it.

In the past, this interaction would’ve rattled me right down to my core. I would’ve slipped into beliefs around not being good enough, and immediately would’ve agreed with what they were saying to earn their approval. Because that’s what I’d allowed to happen growing up.  

How to make your meal prep easy.

Sarah Trass 46

The first thing to slip off the bandwagon when I’m tired or feeling busy, is eating well. I fall into last minute planning and wind up eating out most nights, or reaching for convenient (and often Junk *eeek*) food. Which to be honest has been happening a lot in our household lately. You can probably relate…

So, to help get us back on track I’ve put together a list of my top 3 habits and tips that make eating healthy during the week simple as a pimple. Even when you’re feeling pressed for time and energy.

How to take self-compassion seriously

Sarah Trass 17

Compassion -  the act of giving love and care towards yourself and others.

I sat with this word last week wondering, ‘how do we get each other to take self-compassion seriously?’ Because the whole ‘fill your own cup up before you fill others’ doesn’t seem to work. It’s a lovely saying that logically makes sense, but acting on it is another thing.

How to listen to your body

Sarah Trass 55

One of the greatest things I’ve rediscovered as I’ve gotten older, is how to tune into my body to determine what I’m needing.

If you stop to think about it, your body talks to you all day long. It’s constantly guiding you towards things that make you feel safe, healthy, and happy. However like most of us, you were probably taught that the best way to solve uncertainty or discomfort is by being analytical and strategic - think your way through it! YET being analytical often leads to you making decisions based off expectation, rather than going after what you intuitively know is best for you.


So, how can you start to listen to your body more when it comes to knowing what you need in your life?

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