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How much space do you take up?

Sarah Trass 28

The other day I was doing yoga and at the end of the session, lying in shivasana, our teacher invited us to take up more space – to expand our arms and legs as far as we could, and to breathe deeply into the new-found space we had created. It felt amazing and at the same time quite strange.


The act of purposely taking up more space for myself was something I wasn’t used to doing, and it got me thinking....are we taught to shrink to fit in, rather than to expand and play bigger? 

Staying true to you this Christmas.

Sarah Trass 54

The first thing that comes to mind when you say Christmas, is family. Now no matter how much you love your family, spending time with them over the holiday season can be draining. Often we can find ourselves slipping into old behavioural patterns, playing a particular role within the family dynamic, or dropping good habits to accommodate others. All in all, this can feel frustrating.

So what can we do to stay truthful to ourselves over the holiday season?

Dropping the 'Nice Girl' act.

Sarah Trass 72

I’ve been given many labels in my life, but “Nice girl" was the label I used to carry around with me all the time. Being nice was what I did. But instead of feeling great, I often left interactions feeling drained, hollow, and bitter towards others.

Something about who I was being in these moments didn’t feel truthful to me. Then one day I allowed myself to step back and ask what’s driving me to constantly be this uber nice person ALL the time?  What came up completely shifted my life for the better. 

Own your worth.

Sarah Trass 53

One thing I know for sure, is that we are all capable of so much more, yet often underestimate ourselves due to the constant wrestle of being, having, and doing enough.

The thing is, no one is born with an immunity to self-doubt, it’s a practice that we have to learn and apply to the different elements of our lives. This practice starts with learning how to trust your own wisdom and guidance, and to start looking inside of yourself for your sense of worth.

My self-care realisation.

Sarah Trass 83

I used to believe that what I contributed and bought into this world, was directly related to my skillset and abilities. Believing this, constantly made me on the lookout for ways to be better.


If I felt tired, run-down, un-motivated, anxious, or if for some reason I had spare time on my hands, I would keep pushing myself to do more. I honestly believed taking time off for me was a luxury I couldn’t afford.


Then I discovered two fundamental points that changed everything...

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