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Finding calm in the chaos.

Sarah Trass 10

During times of uncertainty and global change it’s 100% normal to be feeling anxious, and if this is something you’re experiencing right now please take comfort in knowing there are tools and techniques here to support you.   

The key to letting go and learning how to manage your anxiety effectively, is to lean into it. Read on to explore a few of my favourite tools that help with this. 


Finding your own voice

Sarah Trass 12

Have you ever felt that tightening in your throat when you’re dying to say what you really mean? Have you been in a situation where you want to speak up, but for some reason you can’t get the right words out? This use to happen to me a lot, and for days afterwards I would feel frustrated thinking ‘Why can’t I say what I want to say, when I want to say it!’


Soft is Strong.

Sarah Trass 46

What does is mean to be strong?

The other day I was having a conversation with a man who was struggling with his approach to leadership. He felt that to be seen as a ‘strong’ leader he had to act in an aggressive way. This was completely opposite to his true nature and it was exhausting him.


I can tell you right now, being strong comes is so many shapes and sizes!

Achieving your dreams without the overwhelm.

Sarah Trass 91

The start of a new year puts a lot of pressure on people to make intentions and goals for themselves, which can leave you feeling slightly overwhelmed. This is especially true when you feel out of your comfort zones, or being challenged (which actually means you're ready to play bigger).

This post is an oldie but a goodie! It shows you how to break your big dreams down into smaller, more manageable steps, that slowly but surely will help you make your way to the top. 

Life Coaching … cool, so what is that?

Sarah Trass 43

Often when people ask me what I do for a living, they usually follow up with ‘Wow are you serious? That’s actually a job?’ OR ‘Oh ok so you’re a life-guard?’.

So, if Life Coaching is something you've always been interested in, or if you're considering working with me, this post gives you a glimpse into why I love what I do and what you can expect out of our journey together. 

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